We Focus on Empowerment

Hence establishing well-rounded communities

Our aim is to EMPOWER Vulnerable Individuals, Families & Communities

We develop partnerships and share knowledge, and infrastructure that creates self-sustenance and transformation. We believes everyone deserves education freedom from hunger, abuse, and exploitation.

Education is a key pillar in the growth and progress of a community. When community members are educated they are empowered to provide significant contributions in Economics, Business, Innovation, arts, literature, science, technology, and others, hence helping to establish a well-rounded community.

Our Main Programs & Projects

Mentorship & Skill Development

Our mentorship sessions focuses on equipping one with with life skills creating a strong foundation for their development. We empasis on learning how to fish rather than giving them fish.

Child Education Sponsorship 

Education equips a child with knowledge and understanding and the power to make better decisions leading to a better future for themselves, their community and the world at large.

Community Empowerment

We partner and engage the community in activities that lead to food production, healthy living, increased income, Among others we also help drill wells for water an important commodity in the communities

Volunteer Abroad

Our volunteer programs are exciting, there are many activities to be involved in including teaching at mentorship sesions, training leaders in your area of expertise or just life skills among others. This program also has fun activities lige Safaris

Education Centers

In most third world countries, public schools have very basic facilities and staff. This affects the quality of learning and community progress in the end. Partner with us to build education centers that are equipped beyond basic.

Empower Conferences & Camps

We partner with organisation that are already working in communities in order to reach a wider demography. Our teams work with them during mentorship and empowerment conferences & camps that are tailer made for leaders, youth etc.

Our Partners

Glowop aim to share knowledge, and infrastructure that creates self-sustenance and transformation. To be able to do this effectively and strategically we partner with organisations that are well rooted in different cammunities around the world and are moving towards the same direction as we are.

Reaching communities with passion and compassion


Swahiba (which means a Close Friend) Networks is an organization whose primary focus is on the marginalized, underprivileged and destitute communities living in the slums and rural areas of Kenya. They mainly operate in Kibera currently the bigest slum in Africa.


To reach out to marginalized, underprivileged and destitute communities living in the slums and rural areas with passion and compassion.

Below are some of the programs Swahiba Networks Partners to
empower the marginalised through.

Mentorship & Empowerment Program

The Primary objective of the Mentorship and Empowerment Program – MEP is to hone the High School graduate Girls from the Slums with a trade, skills, experience and positive values to enable them achieve their God given dreams.

Jitambue Purity Program

The JPP is a weekly program targeting Teens in High Schools of ages 13 to 19 years predominantly from the slums of Kibera. The core areas of focus include: Purity, Self-Worth and Positive Reproductive Health. 


Tabasamu is a shoe distribution apeal for needy  children in the slums across the city of Nairobi. There is agreat need for every child in the slums to have shoes. In the slums there are no paved roads, proper toilet/waste management.

Sponsor A Needy Child

Rescue them from Hunger, Disease & Poverty


Volunteer abroad or in your area

Education Center

Partner to build education centers