Community  Empowerment

Sustainability Projects

Poverty in most 3rd world countries is caused by many reasons including lack of water which can result in diseases due to unclean water. Glowop works with community to  avail water by educating them on water harvesting, proper use and storage. We partner with individuals and organisations to help provide water by drilling wells in strategic places in the society.

Health & Environment

With clean water comes health and environment, it is important people to be enlightened on nutrition, family and childcare. Strong families begates strong communities. We engage the community in environmental preservation and modern farming practices. The results are an all rounded healthy community that generates income to better lives.

Education & Society

Education plays a very important role in the community an enlightened society fosters peace, promotes women and girls rights, Boosts economic growth, is free from negative cultural and religious beliefs and attitudes that affect the empowerment of some groups especially the vulnerable one including girls and women. 

Sponsor A Needy Child

Rescue them from Hunger, Disease & Poverty


Volunteer abroad or in your area

Education Center

Partner to build education centers