Sponsorship ($ 40 )

You can give an orphan or a poor child chance of a lifetime. As a monthly sponsor, you’ll provide education, help rescue an orphan from hunger, disease and poverty. You’ll provide hope for a brighter future.

Kindly select bellow an orphan/ less fortunate child on our waiting list to sponsor

Sponsorship Waiting list

Name : Brighton
Birthday: April 30, 2014
Guardians: Abandoned
Siblings: None known

Brighton is a very smart and active young boy! He loves playing outside with his friends, and he loves learning. He is in need of sponsorship to help with education, housing/food, and other living costs.

Name : Beatrice
September 3, 2011
Hobbies: Sports:
Guardians: Orphan
Siblings: None
Beatrice is a sweet young girl. She loves taking care of her friends, and enjoys school. She is in need of a sponsorship to help with educational needs as well as living expenses . These needs
include school fees, money for uniforms, and housing/food.

Name : Evans
Birthday: June 17, 2006
Hobbies: Art,
Guardians: Orphan
Siblings:  2 Sisters
Evans is a very smart and creative young boy. He does well in school and has begun to enjoy
drawing and art. He is in need of sponsorship for education and living expenses. The
sponsorship helps pay for food/housing as well as school fees.

Name: Lloyd
Birthday: July 31, 2014
Schooling: Baby Class
Guardians: Orphan
Siblings: none
Lloyd is a very intelligent little boy. He loves school and learns quickly. He also enjoys playing outside with his friends. He is in need of sponsorship to help with educational costs, as well as living expenses. The sponsorship helps pay for school fees, as well as housing and food.

A one time Donation

The need is great and the vision is big. We believes every orphan deserves education freedom from hunger, abuse, and exploitation. your one time DONATION will go along way in helping a needy child/widow to creates self-sustenance and transformation for a brighter future.

School Supplies

You can also help a child get education by giving school supplies, which include books, pens, bags, school uniform & shoes, among others. Kindly note for this option you can also give physical items or give the equivalent amount for them to be bought locally.

What your child will receive
Education & school supplies You free a child to go to school and have hope for the future instead of work for food
Food you give a child a hot meal at school plus provide nutritional support and education for their family.
Water you give a child access to safe, clean water close to home.
Community development Through sponsorship, you help widows find new ways to support their families breaking the cycle of poverty.
What you will receive
Information about your sponsored child, including photos.
Opportunity to communicate with your child
Updates on your child’s wellbeing and development

Your faithful monthly support helps to give stability to an orphan

You can change the life of an orphan, a widow, family and community with your gift

You can touch a life by serving alongside our staff around the world

Help develop a kids talent. By nurturing skills that make them successful adults